Eudokas creates Natural Skin products using plant butter, oils, and botanical extracts that promote healthy skin.

Eudokas is a health-focused family Skin brand that caters to the needs of the entire family.

We have designed products that are formulated to Nourish, Maintain, Protect, Treat, and enhance or perform relief therapy for various skin problems.

Earn your share of this multi-billion dollar beauty industry by enrolling in our Partnership and Entrepreneurship Program.

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Partners Benefits

  • Free Skin Care Education
  • Free Marketing Strategy Training
  • Active partners will be listed on our website and may get mentions on our social media platforms
  • High Return on Investment (ROI).
  • You will be fully equipped with our product information so you can advise your clients.
  • Our Partners are entitled to free promotional and marketing tools like digital banners, infographics, printed mini catalogs, etc
  • Partners that meet a set target will be rewarded.

we have 3 different partnership categories:



The minimum investment to start up is N50,000 and minimum reorder is N20,000 or it’s equivalent in other currencies.

Register with us by filling out the form below:


Distributor: Minimum Startup to join us as an Eudokas Entrepreneur & Distributor is N500,000 and minimum reorder is N200,000 or it’s equivalent in other currencies.

Spa/Salon Partner

Spa/Salon Partner: There is no minimum purchase amount if joining us as a Spa partner only. You can buy our salon products for professional use to use in your Spa/salon. However, if you want to sell our retail products to your customers, you can choose the category you want while registering and the minimum amount for that category will be applied to your first and subsequent orders. This is to say that you can be a Spa partner and wholesaler or Spa partner and distributor.