What started out as making products in the kitchen for a skin problem has evolved beyond  to creating products that are Natural and effective skincare products for men, women and children. Our quest for quality natural skincare led us to source for the best that Africa and the world has to offer; Ingredients that maintain, nourish, protect the skin without adverse effects..

Eudokas Multisolutions Limited (Eudokas) creates innovative skincare products and services  that makes you glow, feeling nurtured and powerful. We believe that everything should be done the highest quality, especially when it deals with body care, this believe translates into everything we do whether product or service. Our Products are indigenously made with luxurious blend of finest ingredients that guarantees pure quality and efficacy with every use. We source directly from women run cooperatives in West Africa who we greatly support. This enables women to gain economic power and change the lives of those around her.

We look forward to hearing your testimonies as you give Eudokas Lekota collection a try.

Our vision is to be top 5 player in our industry in Nigeria by 2022 and also become a successful exporter.

 We are armed with a mission to create innovative personal care products using organic ingredients that are effective and pose no harm but treat the skin.


Eudokas is a manufacturer of Natural Skin care products for Women. We are committed to the use of Naturally Derived ingredients alongside proven safe synthetics which are certified by a NAFDAC

Our Ingredients

At Eudokas, we focus in utilizing Nigeria’s rich ethnobotanical ingredients in our formulations as a way of tapping into our rich culture as well as drawing attention to their existence in the hopes that others begin to appreciate their value. It is our hope that this will yield revenue for those that farm these ingredients and those that process it.