Nicinamide, Vitamine c,  shea butter, lemongrass fragrance

Product Description

It is a replenishing body formula that:
*promotes Cell regeneration

*Softens tough skin areas

*Diminishes & Prevents the appearance of stretch marks, wrinkles, fine lines.

*Fades off tough dark knuckles, dark feet, elbow, thighs.

*Heals & soothes the adverse effect  of bleached skin

*Clears out dark Circles around the Eye, Sunburn.

*mild sunscreen protection.
*Acts against dry skin, rough skin,(on feet) skin rash, skin peeling, wrinkles and blemishes, dermatitis, itching skin, Eczema.


Direction For Use.

Apply on affected areas in the morning after bathing with Eudoka’s Secret Exfoliating Soap


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