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About Eudokas

We deliver innovative products and services that make you feel beautiful, nurtured and powerful.

What started out as making products in the kitchen for a skin problem has evolved beyond healing to creating products that are free from chemical safety issues and effective beauty products for the hair, body and skin using shea butter as the key ingredient. We found African Black soap and shea butter to be the ultimate healing balm.

Shea butter is an integral part of the Eudokas brand. We source our shea butter directly from women run cooperatives in West Africa.

We provide economic access that allows women to feed clothe and educate their children.The higher percentage of Shea butter in our products also means that we purchase more Shea butter which brings more money to women and their communities. This enables women to gain economic power and change the lives of those around her forever.

We exist to have a positive and meaningful impact in the world, specifically in the lives of women. Everything we have done up to this point, our successes and challenges are connected to our higher purpose which is to impact lives. We also Empower the next generation beauty therapist through our Beauty Institute.

Our vision is to be top 5 player in our industry in Nigeria by 2022 and also become a successful exporter.

We are armed with a mission to create innovative personal care products using organic ingredients that are effective and pose no harm but treat the skin.

Masterfully Handcrafted for Awesomeness



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Working Hours : 09:00 – 19:00
Address : 44 Oxford Street, London, UK 22004
Phone : +380 22 333 555